Problems we solve

Finding small businesses takes too much time
Shopping sustainably is too expensive
What impact your foods have on nature
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Dead stock
Dead stock prevents businesses from generating revenue to cover these costs.
Expensive Business
Customer Acquisition
Costs of customer acquisitions have increased by 60% for small businesses in the last 6 years

Why choose Buy It

5% Commission

Compared to up to 50% commission in competitor marketplaces

Users Who Care

Compared to Our users are passionate about where there food comes from and want to hear your brand's story. Our niche also means higher engagement coefficients than traditional marketplaces up to 50% commission in competitor marketplaces.

Enhanced Visibility

We ensure that all of our businesses get seen, by using algorithms to dynamically place businesses with low views at the top.

Users Who Care

With the help of our partners such as Ethy, you can get advice and accreditation for your sustainability commitments.

With our service, you can get rid of

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Our current progress

Won Founders’ Forum Finals and built the MVP with the grant money. 150+ positive reviews of the MVP

Accepted into Microsoft Incubator with $25,000 for development of the app, currently under way

Collaborating with the United Nations, Youth Summit and COP 28 for marketing

Partnering with Ethy to list the first 200 businesses from their network on our app as soon as it goes live

Placed second in Europe and got access to European expansion opportunities

We are receiving mentorship and guidance from LSE Generate

We source our data from OpenFoodFacts - the largest database that currently exists within food emissions